Your journey to a debt free life begins today.

Our mission is to help you get out of debt quickly, so you can start living a better, debt-free life again. NetDebt offers the easiest, most cost-effective debt solution in the industry. As your debt-free advocate, we partner with you to eliminate your debt in the shortest amount of time, for a fraction of what you owe.

Drastically reduce your debt NOW.

Fast and Effective

Fast and Effective

We give you the ability to substantially reduce your overall principal balance and monthly payments, and get out of debt in as little as 24-36 months.



We take our commitment to your satisfaction very seriously. Our number one priority is ensuring your needs are fully met.

Performance Based

Performance Based

Unlike some companies that charge fees before debts are settled, you pay nothing until we’ve successfully done our work and negotiated a settlement you like and approve of.



We’ve seen every type of credit debt problem under the sun, and that’s why we’re the best team to help you eliminate your debt starting right now.

PAY NOTHING Until Your Debt’s Settled
BECOME DEBT FREE In 24-36 Months

How we help you

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Free Consultation

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Pick up the phone, call 1-800-979-6812 and get started on your journey to settle your debt. Once on the phone, we’ll get you started on your no-obligation debt settlement consultation with one of our top credit advisors to determine if our program is the right solution for your problem.

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After your free consultation, we approve you to become enrolled in our program. Then we get started right away getting you up and running with your very own savings account and a 24-36-month plan to get you completely debt free.

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We Go To Work

Once enrolled, we get to work right away negotiating with your creditors on your behalf to drastically reduce your total debt. You are guaranteed to save money thanks to our industry-leading negotiating software and team.

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Settle Your Debt

Our favorite step of the process - once we’ve settle down your debt to a manageable amount, it’s time to celebrate. You are now officially on your way to a debt free life of freedom and stability.

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Your Path to a Better Tomorrow Starts Today.

Close your eyes and imagine a world in which you have no debt and are completely free to do whatever you please with your money. Now imagine having a trusted partner - a best-in-class advisor - who truly cares and understands your current circumstances.       

How about a whole team dedicated to ensuring your path to a better tomorrow is as fast, cost-effective, and painless as possible? Well... guess what? You’re in luck, because at NetDebt that’s exactly what we do, and that’s exactly who we are.

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How much can you save?

Use the Savings Estimator below to find out how much you can save when you put our team to work eliminating your debt once and for all.

How much debt do you owe?
What is your average interest rate?
Months to Pay Off
Interest Rate
Total Interest Paid
Monthly Payment
Total Cost
Debt Settlement
with Net Debt
Months to Pay Off 36
Interest Rate 0%
Total Interest Paid $0
Monthly Payment $516
Total Cost $16,400
Debt Consolidation
or Credit Counseling
Months to Pay Off
Interest Rate
Total Interest Paid $7,500
Monthly Payment $1,312
Total Cost $32,498
YOU WILL PAY $32,498
Do Nothing
(Only Make Minimum Payments)
Months to Pay Off 382
Interest Rate 22%
Total Interest Paid $44,500
Monthly Payment $589
Total Cost $69,575
YOU WILL PAY $64,198
The amounts and percentages are simply examples of debt relief we have achieved for our clients. They may not pertain to your unique situation or circumstances.
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